Through the combination of uncompromising design and high-quality processing, Mattiazzi has become a celebrated premium wood-working brand.

About Mattiazzi

Mattiazzi is an Italian furniture manufacturer known especially for skillfully made wooden chairs.

The story of Mattiazzi began in 1979 when brothers Nevio and Fabio Mattiazzi set up a workshop in the city of Udine in Northeastern Italy. Over the years, the company has grown into a prestigious brand based on beautiful design and high-quality products made to last for years and years.

The cornerstones of Mattiazzi's activities are the combination of craft and industry methods. All Mattiazzi furniture is made from sustainably sourced, certified wood, and their production processes are constantly being developed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Mattiazzi uses the most sophisticated CNC machines available in the market to digitally mill all of their wood products, before the final assembly is done by hand. This allows for full assembly in the plant with no hardware needed at install.

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Steelcase Announces Relationship with Mattiazzi

The Italian furniture brand and manufacturer is known for its hand-finished furniture collection.

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Alliance offers designers and customers access to the family-owned company’s portfolio of furniture through the reliable Steelcase dealer network

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